More Exploration at Long Lake

On Sunday Jared, David, Donovan and I headed out to Long Lake in the morning.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  I had only made it up there one time last year, and didn’t really remember much about the trail.  One recommendation – wear pants.  The trail is a bit sparse, so you’re walking through brush most of the way, and my legs look like a cat scratching post now.  I know better now.

The boulders are the same granite found at Wiener Lake, which means they take a fair amount of cleaning, and can be pretty friable.  Not quite full blown choss, but not exactly high quality either.  We started off wandering around a bit and warming up on whatever was in the main area.  I was a bit slower than my normal self due to a late night and too much liquid refreshment on Saturday night.  David and Jared jumped on a nice problem called Bear Rape, but were having some body tension and memory issues. 

We also did some stuff on another boulder called something about 30 year olds.  This boulder had a couple of very nice problems on the east face on high quality rock.  I don’t know the names but they seemed to be in the v1-v3 range.  While we were getting started on this boulder Drew and Will showed up. 

They joined the crew and after they warmed up we went to a harder problem on the north east corner of the boulder.  We weren’t sure about the start, but it was supposed to be v6/v7 range.  We were all shut down by the opening moves, and it sure felt harder than any v7 I’ve done.  In fact it felt harder than any v9 I’ve done, but that may have just been me being under the weather.  Jared told me later we were starting lower down the boulder from where the original start was.  It sounded like this would be a nice new hard problem. 

After getting repeatedly shut down, we moved over to another problem that I think is called Bob Johnson returns.  I may be wrong though.  It takes a tall arete/prow on slopers over a bad landing.  Thankfully we had 5 pads and plenty of spotters because the landings were a bit sketchy.  Drew and I worked this for a bit and got stumped at the slopey top out.  After getting to the same high point a couple times, but not having the cajones to really commit to the top-out, we decided to bail to chickaloon so David and Will could work Thunderfluff. 

Both David and Will made good progress on Thunderfluff, with David falling after busting through the crux to the top-out.  I know he’s not the first to fall of the top, so I highly recommend anyone working this to do the stand start a couple of times as part of your warm-up so you know you have it dialed.  Drew and I tried Fluffymuff a couple times and I ran a lap on Thunderfluff since we were there, but we didn’t have any real motivation.  Mostly we laid on the pads and did nothing while they worked Thunderfluff.

All-in-all a reasonable day considering my state of well-being, but I had originally hoped to do more exploration and cleaning at long lake along with a bit of work on the trails. Unfortunately, a fantastic Saturday night ended up killing the energy levels for Sunday.  Sorry about the lack of pics.  I think Jared and David got some so I’ll try and get them loaded up.