Nothing new yet

So no trips out this past week for me.  I got into the gym a couple times, but am mostly playing catchup at the house.  I’m hoping to get out later this week.

Jared went down to Homer last weekend and did some bouldering at the Anchor point boulder.  Drew, Will and Jared all got out to Chickaloon this weekend and played around on the classics there.

I’ve been told Dewmound is open and the snow is definitely gone from Wiener and Long Lake.  Independence Mine still has 36 inches.  I checked back through the last ten years records, and this is the most snow it has had on May 16.  I think Hatcher’s may be a few weeks away.

I’m thinking about an early trip to Ptarmigan, or maybe down south to Soldotna…. Maybe next weekend.

On a different note, I’ve got three mini-guides are available in pdf, Chickaloon, Service Boulder and an early draft version of Ptarmigan.  Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions.