A little bit of exploration

So David, Jared, Sean, Drew and Will all headed up to Independence on Sunday despite the weather.

Drew and Will went one way to go back to a project drew had worked on Thursday.  Amazingly they were able to climb a bit and Drew sent.  He figures it’s pretty hard, maybe 10ish, but wants to see how others feel on it.  From there they went exploring a bit and were pretty excited about a new area they found.  Hopefully I’ll make it out there soon.  They didn’t get any photos though.

Jared, Sean and David headed up the first hanging valley to the east from the lower parking lot hoping to check out some stuff Sean had seen before.  They found some really nice looking stuff, but were not able to get any climbing in.

Here’s a couple of pics of boulders they found.

Photo by David Funatake

Photo by Sean Gwaltney