Nothing New Yet

I’ve not been outside for the last week and a half.  A bunch of guys have been getting out, but I haven’t heard about anything new going up, mostly just going out and doing problems I put up a while back.  I am actually psyched for people to get on more of the problems as I think almost everything in Hatcher’s is worthwhile, but I really hope to get more people out developing.

The last day we got out we ran into a couple from out of town bouldering in Hatcher’s.  I think they had fun, but weren’t really prepared for the weather and adventure.  Climbing in Hatcher Pass, whether bouldering, bolted or trad, will always be more of an adventure than most places.  You’ll often get wet, dirty, and cold.  The holds are sharp and gritty. I leave the moss in place on top as much as possible, so walls often seep.  Personally, I love the rawness of Hatcher Pass.  I wouldn’t want it any other way – well……maybe a little bit better weather.

On a different note,  a couple of strong guys from Boulder, Jamie Emerson and his friend Brian Capps, are up here for a bit looking to explore and have fun pebble wrestling in Hatcher’s.  Drew took them out yesterday for a tour in the rain and showed them around for a bit.  They’ll be around for a couple of weeks, so wish them luck with the weather.

I leave for Squampton in a couple of days, so no updates for a coupel weeks.  Have fun and get out to play!!!!!!