Quick Update

So I headed up to Independance With Jared Chris, Elijah and Isabella to do some filming.  We mostly went through the stuff we put up last year.  Not all of it by any means, just some of the better lines.  It was fun doing the filming, and Chris was really nice to work with.  I never realized though how much work goes into setting up the right shots.  I ended up doing one of the problems 8-9 times, and did repeats of a couple of other lines to get multiple angles/views/etc. 

All told it was a fun afternoon of climbing and went really well.  Chris even filmed Elijah climbing, so Elijah was pretty psyched. 

I understand Drew, Will, Stephen and Chris went up on Tuesday to Archangel and had a pretty good day repeating stuff and getting some good filming done.  Jared, Chris, Drew and Will are heading back up to Independance today, and I’m not sure if anyone will be meeting them out there.  Chris leaves Friday night, so Friday will be the last day of shooting, then it’s the waiting game to see what he does with the footage.  I’m hopeful of seeing something a part of a larger feature type film, or maybe a 15-20 minute short used for a festival type piece (someting like Banff).