Back to Hatcher Pass

We got back from Squamish a day early, so I was able to get out for a beautiful day in Hatcher Pass.  I was really excited to go try some of the problems put up by Jamie and Brian so I headed up Fairangel Valley to Tunnel Vision Gully and warmed up on a couple of old problems. After a short warm up, I managed a quick send of Carnal Knowledge. David Funatake showed up and while he was warming up and checking out some of the older lines, I looked around and cleaned a couple new lines right behind the Tap Shoes Boulder.

After David warmed up for a bit, we headed up to Bebe Black Bear and the two problems next to it.  David worked the left hand line while I worked on Bebe Black Bear.  I sent after about 6-8 tries and tried the left hand line as well.  I’m not sure about the best beta, but we did a funky heel hook which was really strenuous on the hammy, but allowed us to get set for the top moves.

After a few rough goes we decided to hike around and explore.  We found the arete Jamie cleaned and worked, and Clan of the Cave Trolls.  Both of these lines look outstanding and I’m really looking forward to getting back out there.

After exploring we headed back down to the tap shoes area and did a new short cave problem called The Insider -v5/6ish I think.  I cleaned two more lines on this boulder, but it got dark before i could get to them.  They look pretty mellow, so should be easy sends.

I also worked a new cave problem, which felt quite hard and wasn’t able to send.  I still have to figure out the top moves.  In addition to these two new ones, I partially cleaned four more lines on the overhanging black face you look at as you approach up Fairangel gully.  These lines look pretty good and should really get done soon.

Psyche is really high right now, hopefully the season lasts for a couple more months…..  We did see termination dust on the north side of the mountains though.  The season may be closing fast.