Archangel in the Sun

Today Tanya, Aaron, Rebecca, and I met up in Archangel for a day of bouldering.  We cleaned 7 new problems on two new boulders which are on the left side of the road about 200 yards before the big upper roadside boulder.  The 7 problems we did went at v0,v0,v1,v1,v2,v4, and v8, with at least a couple more to do.

Rebecca on new v2


Me on Slump Muffin-Top-v8

After that we headed down to Drive By to check out a few problems there.  I worked on the sit start to Drive By and got close, but no luck this time out.  Maybe next time.  Tanya and Aaron worked Rutted, and Aaron sent, while Tanya fell going for the final jug multiple times.  Next time for her as well.

Tanya on Rutted-v6