Independence in the Rain

Drew, Ian and I made it up to Independence on Sunday.  The parking lot was wet when Drew and I left the car, but it wasn’t raining and it even looked like we might get away with a damp but rain free afternoon.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.  After hiking up into the talus, it started to lightly sprinkle as we started cleaning a couple lines, ending up with definite rain showers fairly quickly.  We cleaned what may be 4-5 new lines in the talus, did a little bit of work on a landing, then headed up to Red Scare boulder when Ian showed up. 

This is a nice boulder Drew, Will, and Matt developed last summer just uphill(north) towards the mine tailings from the Fantasia Boulders.  Drew also added one more hard line this year.  It’s a nice lightly overhanging boulder with a clean face split by a left rising seam, which also ends up being the start for each of the problems on the face.  From left to right the problems are – v0? (The left arete), v4 (Crimps in the seam to either a couple small crimps, or just huck for the top), Red Scare v7 (middle of the face), California Red v8 (right side of face, start in low seam and move to upper seam), v2 (right arete, stand start).  Each of these lines is basically 1or 2 moves to a jug topout and very similar to each other – a big right hand reach to a crimp or to the top.  They are also really fun simple problems.