More Development at Byron Glacier

David and Chris B headed to Byron after work on Tuesday and put up more new problems.  Here’s Chris’ description of the day:

“It was a fun day of developing mostly easy stuff (probably 8 new problems), but as David and I were hiking back to the car in the dark the northern lights came out and they were awesome! We just stood there in the valley watching them dance around. And when they flared up again while we were driving back to town we pulled over at the Portage train station climbed up on a parked cargo train car and watch them put on an encore. That’s where I took these pics. They’re both about 2 min exposures. They look kind of cool, but it was really fun to watch in person.”

Northern Lights from Portage Photo: Chris Barnett
Northern Lights on the way back from Byron Glacier Photo: Chris Barnett