What is the intent of AKClimber?

Last Sunday I headed up to Archangel with Chris B to give my project another go (still no success, but getting closer) and ran into Ivan and Aaron at the Aldershade Boulder.  I’ve met Ivan at ARG before, but never really climbed with him or talked with him about the site. 

As we climbed we talked a little about the site, and Ivan told me he and a couple of other guys had headed up to the Love Handles boulders the weekend before, just a week after Aaron, Tanya, Rebecca and I cleaned and climbed these boulders.  He had seen the post and used it to find the new boulders.  On Sunday, he had used the June post about the Aldershade boulder to find the boulder and to figure out the different climbs.  He had used another post to find and try the classic problem Straighten-up and Fly Right.


Jeff Claeson on Straighten Up and Fly Right


This is exactly what I’m hoping for out of the site.  I want the site to be a place where you can find out where people are getting out climbing and what’s being developed and climbed.   I’ve been bouldering/climbing here in Alaska for 15 years, developing numerous areas over that time. The never ending challenge in Alaska is the lack of beta about where to go.   

Eventually, I’m hoping to put together mini-guides for most of the main areas, but it really takes a serious time investment to get them done.  I’ll happily accept help from anyone willing.  Just contact me and over the winter I’ll work with you to get the information put together.

For the few but growing number of reader’s out there, you’ve probably noticed David Funatake has added a couple of posts about bouldering in Byron in addition to the ones I’ve been adding about Archangel.  I’m really psyched that David has been getting out there and developing, but even more exciting to me is that he’s willing to put the time and energy into posting about it to share the beta on the new stuff being found and put up.

I’m married with three kids, so my days to get outside are pretty limited.  I’m thrilled to be able to get out as much as I do, but I also recognize that there is a growing number of guys getting out there and developing.   If you’re putting up new stuff and want to get the info out there, let me know and I am happy to post from other contributors. 

On a final note, last winter I did an adult training program over the winter at ARG.  There have been a few inquiries about doing a training program this winter, and my current answer is maybe.  I’m just not sure I have the time to be able to commit to it.  What I will definitely do is a training series here on the website.  I’m not sure yet what the exact format will be, but my current idea is to do a weekly update with workouts and goals for each week.  Maybe even try and post photo or video examples.