A Setback for David

So David, Chris B and I headed out to boulder down at Byron on Tuesday.  With all of us working Tuesday, we bolted straight out of own at 3:30. I was pretty excited to check out the area based on the pics, video and how much they were talking it up.  We lucked out with a total bluebird day and crisp fall temps.  Everything looked like a good day to send some new stuff and check out the area.

We hiked in to one of the first boulders there called the Glacial Erotics Boulder.  David had put up three problems on this boulder, but there were three proud overhanging lines to be done: two aretes, and a face which is for sure double digits…..

Cleaning a new project on the Glacial Erotics Boulder

We did some work cleaning and prepping the landing for one of the aretes, then got our shoes on to warm up on the problems David had already put up. First up was a really fun v2 on the west side of the boulder(just right of the northwest arete).  David and I then did a new fun little v1 to the right of it.

Next up was a problem called Glacial Erotics – v3.  I gotta give David some credit for developing this solo.  It’s tall with a gnarly landing and a tough topout (Glacial Erotics tops out over the boulder between David and I in the picture).  My first go I slipped off a damp hold down low, but just ended up butt first on the pad.  Next try I was able to work through the damp hold and finished the problem. 

David got on next and slipped off the same damp hold I did.  He fell a slightly different direction and caught his forearm/elbow on a boulder off to the side.  At first I though it wasn’t too bad.  David and Chris knew better though, and as soon as David pulled his sleeve up, we started packing up.

First look at David's forearm when we got back into town

David and I quickly wrapped up the arm in a mostly clean towel, bound it tightly with tape, while Chris packed up the stuff.  We hiked out and drove to town and to the urgent care facility.

David ended up with 20 plus stitches and some serious bruising on his arm.  All from what could have been easily avoided.  We had two extra pads sitting around not doing anything.  It would have taken 10-15 seconds to move one to cover that rock.

Lesson learned for us, and one for everyone else – take the time to make it safe.