Drew on the Road – Part 1

As many of you know, Drew spent about a month in Hueco Tanks climbing with his brother Will.  About a week ago he headed to Bishop for a 4-6 week stay there. 

Here are some pics from his trip so far:

East Mountain at Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks is broken down in four section: North Mountain, East Mountain, West Mountain, and East Spur.  In 1997, due to the influx of climbers and their impact on the native american history at the park, strict regulations and restrictions were put in place.  Over time and with effort from local and national climbing organizations, the restriction were modified to allow for some climbing.  Currently, these restrictions limit the total number of climbers allowed in the park and where they can climb.  North Mountain requires a reservation and is limited to 70 climbers per day.  The other areas of the park are accessed by approved climbing guides only.  As such Drew and Will spent all their time on North Mountain.

They started off by working through many of the classic lines on North Mountain such as See Spot Run, Daily Dick Dose, and Mouise Adame. 

Will Crowther on Daily Dick Dose - v7

After a couple of days getting to know the rock and style of climbing, they started working harder lines with mixed levels of success, as well as continuing to pick off classic easier lines. 

Will Crowther working Free Willy - v10

Drew sticking the 3rd move on Diaphanous Sea - v12

Will working Dark Age – v11

Drew Sending Ghetto Simulator - v2

Both Will and Drew left Hueco with unfinished business.  For Will, Dark Age had been worked and figured out, but never finished.  And for Drew, Diaphanous Sea would have to wait for another day.  Maybe next year !!!!