Living Vicariously Through Others

It’s now February in AK.  The day are getting longer, the snow keeps falling, and the temps have finally gotten above zero. We also have near record snow falls.   Unfortunately, all I want to do is get outside bouldering, and the more it snows the longer the wait.  At this rate, Hatcher’s and Ptarmigan won’t open until mid-summer. 

The good news for me  is that I’ve got a trip planned to head down to Joe’s Valley for a week, and I can pester a friend about his 4 month roadtrip and live vicariously through him. Drew headed out about a month ago and is currently in Hueco Tanks with his Brother Will.   So far  they’re having fun and were surprised by the athletic nature of the climbing in Hueco (my words not his).  After a week or so adapting to the rock and style, they’ve started working some harder stuff.  Hopefully I’ll get some pictures soon.  He’ll be in Hueco for another week or so, then I think he’s headed to Bishop for a while, then he’ll be meeting me in Joe’s in early April.

Also, I saw Drew’s dad in the gym and he said Drew was surprised by how cold it was there.  Funny that coming from Alaska you go to Texas and get cold….

A quick update on the training, after rapid initial gains on the fingerboard, the gains have slowed as I transitioned to more campus work.  This is also progressing well.  I’ll keep posting about how it goes.