Condition Update

Hatcher Pass: LOTS of Snow – 4.5 Feet at the Mine.  Archangel Road is still being groomed for Skate Skiing (go early in the day) though and you can probably hike into Aldershade or Drive By.

Ptarmigan: LOTS of Snow – Variable due to Wind. I skiied up to the bowl with the dogs, and two of the 3 trailside boulders are climbable.  The bowl will be awhile.  Traffic Boulder has only the top 2 feet showing (probably 12-14 feet deep snow).

Weiner Lake: Unknown, but guessing the boulders should be clear although you may have to post hole to get to them.

Byron: Probably lots of snow, but the visitor center cam shows anything with sun exposure looks clear. Debating about whether its worth checking out before June….  If anyone knows, email me.

Seward Highway:  Good to Go.

Here’s a pic of one of the Ptarmigan trailside boulders.  Wind and sun have cleared the snow around the boulder, but the boulder is sitting in a 10-12 foot deep bowl of snow.

Trailside Boulder 2