First Alaska Day Out in 2012 – The Loony Bin….

Ahh, it feels so good to finally get outside. To get back into the dirt and grime of Alaskan bouldering.

Keenan and I headed up to Chickaloon Friday afternoon for his first time to Chickaloon.  It’s always fun to introduce someone to an area, and Chickaloon is particularly fun.  The slick holds and plethora of features makes for a huge shift from the gym.  We warmed up on the south side of the road on some rarely done problems, which are in the v3-v5 range.  It was a good introduction for Keenan.  The holds were dirty and covered with grit plowed over during the winter, in fact there was gravel from the plows a good 30-40 feet back off the road on the tops of the boulders.  I guess that what happens on a record snow year.

After that we headed to the fluff boulder.  Keenan got on Thunderfluff and was able to send in a few goes, then worked on both Fluffymuff (total shutdown) and Powerpuff(pretty close).  I had some fun cleaning and showing Keenan the beta.  Then we headed over to the V1 boulder.

Mackenzie and Kevin showed up and we all got busy cleaning the top of the v1 boulder (lots of leaves and grit).  While those guys played around on the v1 boulder, I went and did some gardening on a nearby boulder.  It needed some extra time to dry off, so I didn’t climb the new stuff, and it still needs more cleaning of the actual holds, but should add 3-4 new problems in the v0-v3 range.

After that we headed up to the project boulder.  We all got shut down on the right and center lines, but I made some good progress on the left line up the arete.  1 move to do and it should go.  Maybe next day on if conditions are good.

I had to head home at this point, while the young guys stuck around to try some more stuff on the main boulders.

All in all it was great to finally get out in AK.