Back to Chickaloon Again

On Sunday David, Drew, Elijah and I headed up to Chickaloon.  When we pulled into the parking area, the wind was howling and was blowing the pads all over the place.  We warmed up in the pullout area and did the circuit on the Painted Boulder.  None of these guys had ever been on this boulder.  The 4 main problems are fantastic and really should get more traffic than they do.

David on Potato Eaters


Elijah on Road side Arete


Drew on Dirt Burglar

After warming up, we headed up to the project boulder.  Drew and I threw ourselves at the left hand arete, while David worked on cleaning a new line on the left side of the boulder and Elijah had a walkabout.  Drew and I fiddled about trying every possible sequence we could think of.  And when we were finally about worn out and hadn’t figured out anything, we found out the original sequence with a big throw seemed by far the closest, and we just had to “Try Harder”.  Unfortunately, we were pretty worked by then and it wasn’t happening.

In the meantime, David cleaned and climbed a fantastic new line on the left side of the boulder with a spooky topout on one of the slickest holds I’ve ever tried to pull on.  It went at hard v4 with a crux topout.  David got some photo’s from here that I’ll try and get posted.

After we were done here, we headed back down to the Fundamentalist Boulders, where Elijah did Fundamentalist, Sisyphus returns and another easy problem to the left of Fundamentalist while Drew , David and I played on Shark’s Tooth.  Drew and I fondled the holds on a right exit to Shark’s Tooth, but didn’t find a sequence that felt natural.