Weekly Update

This’ll be quick and short.  Sorry about the lack of photos/vids.  I’ve had family in town for a nephew’s wedding which has made it quite difficult to get out.  I did squeeze in a short morning up to Ptarmigan on Sunday, and worked a couple of projects there, but it was quite wet so there was no chance of topping out on sopping wet boulders.

Drew, Will and Tanya got out to Archangel on Wednesday and headed back to Niffleheim where Drew repeated Honky Tonk BaDonky-Donk, and Tanya sent her project from last year Seasons in the Mist first go.  They also spent a bit of time cleaning a new boulder, but had to get back so it was left for another day.

Drew and Will headed back up again on Friday and went exploring in the Talus on the south side of Fairangel valley.  They found a line that David put up last year and added 5-6 new ones to the area.

Drew and Will again headed out on Sunday and went back to the Niffleheim area (left of the diamond) and worked on the new stuff they cleaned, and cleaned a couple more lines in the area.  Nothing new of note was sent aside from more cleaning :)

David got out to Hatcher’s on Friday and Saturday and to Byron on Sunday and should be putting together a quick recap at some point.

That’s about it for now.  I’m hoping to get out on Thursday after work to maybe Ptarmigan, and probably head up to Archangel on Saturday.  Let me know if you’re interested.