Hatcher Pass Photo Day – Plus a Little Bouldering

Last Friday, I took the day off work to head out to Hatcher Pass with Kelsey to shoot photos for the guidebook.  Chris Barnett and I headed up to meet Kelsey and Chris Klein up at Independence to start a big day of hiking and shooting pictures.

Leaving most of the gear in the cars, we hiked through and photographed all of the boulders in the main area, the Crucifix area, and Fishhook Creek areas.  After about 2.5 hours of hiking and taking pictures we made it back to the car with hopefully all of Independence done.

Next, we headed up to Archangel and shot pictures of all of the roadside stuff – Aldershade, Drive-By, Muffin-Top, Roadside, Campground boulders, etc.  Then we headed across the creek at the base of the Diamond and shot the Zen and Triple Take boulders, then worked our way south to the Circus Boulder shooting pictures the whole way.  We may have missed a few here and there, but I think we got almost everything in the Diamond area.  Here’s a link to Kelsey’s Gallery.  This time we didn’t leave our stuff in the car though.  Here’s a few photos of the stuff we climbed, plus a quick vid of a couple of the sends…. (credit to Kelsey for all of the photos except of course the one of him, that was taken by Chris Barnett)

Chris Klein on Albatrocity-v7

Me working Honky Tonk Direct

Chris Barnett working something on the main face of the Circus Boulder

Me using ridiculously bad beta on what should have been a nice v3ish problem…..

Me sending the dyno sit to the north arete of the Circus Boulder

Kelsey working the dihedral roof project on the Circus Boulder