We should’ve let it ride….

Will Working Groovy Movie Right – He figured out all the moves, but didn’t quite link them.

On Sunday,Will, Drew, David and I piled into my dad’s truck and headed out for Archangel.  As we headed north from town it became pretty apparent that it was raining in Archangel.  We were pretty torn about where to go.  We all wanted to go to Archangel, but we were also confident there was no chance of climbing there.  The entrance to Hatcher Pass was a thick impenetrable mass of black storm clouds which were obviously pouring down rain.  In spite of this, I still made the turn onto Fishhook Road.  I just couldn’t help but think “maybe, just maybe it’ll be climbable”.  As we got closer, even the greatest optimist had to admit defeat.  We all agreed there was no chance.  we found out later that we should’ve let it ride and driven in……

We decided to head up to Chickaloon even though none of us were really motivated to go there.  We all warmed up, and played around on some projects and repeated some stuff we’d done before.  As we were a bit bored, Drew and I decided to try a traverse across the fluff boulder I had played on last year.  We ended up linking it up to add a new hard problem, PowerFluff-v10 (Powerpuff sit start into thunderfluff finish).

On the way out from Chickaloon, we got ahold of Hunter and found out they had been bouldering up in Archangel all day and it was fine.  Lesson learned – Once you roll the dice, let it ride…..

Here’s a video of PowerFluff.