Weather Bubbles

Fall is flourishing now. The living green of summer is dim and quickly changing into hues of scarlet, orange, and gold as all is consumed in the burning fire of autumn. The land is blushing in a display of true beauty that feels warm and inviting, but in the air there is a chill that was not there a week ago. The first snow burst came low and hung heavy on the mountain slopes and the minds of the people gazing up at frosted peaks. It seems too soon for some, for others it couldn’t come soon enough. Either way, the climbing season is ending and there are only a few more weeks to squeeze in a few extra days of sending now.

Last week I went climbing with Drew (as he posted before). He gave me a quick rundown of the areas as we got rained out and I became stoked on the Lane Hut area; I love the idea of  huge boulders with flat, grassy landings and I wanted to get out there again. Late the next morning, I woke up to reasonably good conditions. After a night of rain the ground was drying and the sky looked bright on the Hatchers webcam. The weather bubble was an unlikely phenomenon. I called no one and began driving. The following video pretty much sums up the experience.

[vimeo 49215889 w=500 h=281]

Weather Bubble Bursting from dfugelstad on Vimeo.