Quick Conditions Update…

Weiner and Chickaloon are mosquito ridden, but both are good for climbing.

Ptarmigan looks very snowy and the trail looks frozen or sloppy the majority of the way. If anyone has better info on the Powerline trail, please feel free to comment.

The Independence Mine weather station read 3.8″ of snow left on 6/12/13. lets hope it keeps melting, but it’s looking pretty good here.

Likewise, in Archangel Valley there is a lot of melting on the south facing slopes (i.e. Indianhead area). Will hiked in last week since the road is still snowy and the gate is closed. Aldershade is squishy and Driveby is currently a pond. No idea what the rest is looking like, but he also noted the creek that cut across the road below Drive By is looking very impassable this year. We’ll see.

I went out to Byron Glacier last Friday. The valley is still snowed in and the only boulder that’s out is the Erotics Boulder, which is fun, but not ideal. The trail should be passable within the next two weeks and the Jungle area will be good to go at that time.

If you know anything or would like to add, please post comments here.