Still raining, but looks like we’re gonna get some sun

It’s been raining.  It’s still raining.  I pray they weathermen are right that it’s going to stop raining.

While this has certainly slowed the search for new boulders and made motivation a bit harder to come by, we’ve still managed to get out, clean, and put up new stuff. (David and others much more than me)

Almost two weeks ago,  David, Reidun and I managed to sneak out and scrub a few boulders in a short window of lack of rain in Archangel.  David had been looking at the area on the south end of the Muffin Man meadow, and found a bunch of new potential, and also some signs of previous cleaning.  A week or so before he had cleaned and climbed a couple of new problems and partially cleaned a few more, so he was motivated to go back.  I also wanted to look at Barstool Bear ( an old project that Jamie Emerson sent while he was visiting this summer) if it was dry, so it seemed like a good place to check out.

In total, we cleaned 6 new problems and also climbed 3 more that David had started cleaning on another rained out day.  It did start raining just as we finished cleaning, so we ended up climbing a few of theses new problems in the rain.  We cleaned them as best we could, but I would recommend bringing a brush with you if you are looking to try them, as I’m sure they could use a bit more cleaning.  In seemed like most of these were in the v1-v4 range, but it was hard to tell for sure as they were at least damp if not outright wet.  We tried our best to dry them off, and even resorted to using the Asana Pro-spotter pad as a tarp to keep the topout’s dry.

Crawling under the pad which was keeping the top dry.

Topping out and crawling under the pad which was keeping the topout to Barstool Bear dry.

We also hiked around the talus around Niffleheim a bit more and found a dozens of nice looking lines with good potential, and also some absolutely crazy looking lines.  Finally we called it a day as it was pouring rain, and there was no chance of even getting anything cleaned.

The good news is that the blueberries are in season!


David and Reidun enjoying some tasty blueberries.