Yes, I know How to Climb on Rope – Howl of the Damned FA

After finishing off The Sheriff and heading out-of-state for a couple of weeks to visit family, I thought for sure the outdoor climbing season was over. Fortunately, the weather gods had a different plan and  after one of the warmest October’s on record I found myself motivated to get on an old route Dan Kryger and I bolted along the Seward highway in around the 2001-2002 timeframe.   I’ve had various spells over the years where I’ve been incredibly close to sending, but never quite getting it done.  This fall I got out on it once in late August with Keenen and it felt pretty good, so it was on the back of my mind throughout the fall, and when the weather held in October I decided to go for it..  After a couple of days dialing in the beta, including a fall as high on the route as anyone should ever fall, today I managed my hardest route to date and the first ascent of Howl of the Damned – 13d/14a ish.

Here’s the raw footage of the send:

The reason for the long rest in the upper corner is because my fingers were all numb and I was trying to warm them up.  They stayed numb, so I just kept going.  They finally warmed up about an hour later while driving back into Anchorage.  I love manteling on crimps and smears when you can’t feel your fingers or toes, but at least the friction was good. :)

For those interested, the route is at Bird point to the right of Shriek of the Mutilated.