Conditions Update – The 2014 Season has Started!!!

Well, summer is officially here.  The grass is turning green, the trees have leaves, and the boulders/boulderers are slowly coming out of hibernation.  Sorry this update is a bit late, but here you go.  Starting from the south:

Kenai Peninsula – Fully melted out including the Anchor Point Boulder and Captain Cook State Park.

Byron – I haven’t been down yet, nor have I heard from anyone who has, but I imagine the Erotics boulder is clear and likely the Arkenstone, and the Ego/Eggo Areas.  It’s probably a VERY good time to get on the tall slabs at The Allspark Boulders.

Bird Creek – Has been clear for several months now…..

Service Boulder – Clear and lots of mosquitos. A few muddy spots on the trail and around the boulder, but generally good. Be warned that the granite gets really slick in the heat/sun, so things could feel really hard.

Hunter Biking up Powerline Pass to Ptarmigan. Photo Courtesy of Stephen Arwine

Ptarmigan – The trail is dry and rideable for about 2/3’s of the way to the bowl.  The trail boulders are clear and dry, as are most of the bowl boulders.  There’s still snow in parts of the bowl and expect to have to cross some snow to get to the boulders, but it should clear within a week or two if this keeps up.

Frostbite Boulders – Clear

Archangel Valley – The gates closed, but the road is walkable at least  to Aldershade, Drive By, and the Jurassic Boulder.  Aldershade is great, Drive by has a puddle under it , and Jurassic Boulder is fine.  The Indianhead boulders are also melted out and dry.  Not sure about the upper valley at the end of the road, but I know Lang has been up climbing on the Diamond, so I’d guess the roadside boulder is clear, and maybe some of the monolith and diamond boulders.  I’d imagine routes on Snowbird slab and the Monolith are great right now.

Looking at the Aldershade Boulder from the Aldershade Parking Photo courtesy of Jared Lavacque

Independence Mine – Still pretty snowy, but melting fast.  Crucifix Boulder is most likely clear, but it would be a real pain to get to.  Hold off for another 1-2 weeks, unless you’re really desperate.

Chickaloon Boulders – Clear and already getting too hot.

Long Lake – Clear and already getting too hot.

Weiner Lake – Clear and already getting too hot.

Lions Head – Clear and already getting too hot.