Best Problems in Southcentral Alaska?

On the way back from bouldering up in Hatcher Pass back in January (After doing Ice Road Safari), David, Hunter and I were talking and we thought Ice Road Safari might be in the top 5 Boulder Problems in South-central Alaska.  We started talking about what we’d list as top 5 and why.  We each had different lists, but there were a handful of problems that made each of our lists.  That got me thinking, so I decided I’d poll some of my friends and ask what they thought were the top 5 problems in Alaska.

In total, I got responses from 10 people, so a total of 50 votes.  Here are how the problems stacked up in the end, only including those problems with more than 1 vote:

Problem                                          Grade            Total Votes              Area

1     Straighten Up & Fly Right             v6                      4                          Hatchers – Diamond North

2     Drive By                                             v10                     4                          Hatchers – Roadside

3     Kshatriya                                            v7                     4                           Weiner Lake

4     Indianhead Arete                             v3                      3                          Hatchers – Indianhead

5     Shadow of Time                                v4                      3                          Byron – The Goods

6     Ice Road Safari                                  v6                     3                          Hatchers – Upper Roadside

7     Muffin Man                                        v8                     2                          Hatchers – Diamond South

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Jeff Claeson on Straighten Up and Fly Right

#1 Straighten Up & Fly Right


#2 Drive By

#2 Drive By

# 3 Kshatriya – Photo Courtesy of Jon Borland

Indianhead Arete

#4 Indianhead Arete

David Funatake on Shadow of Time-v4 at Byron Glacier

#5 David Funatake on Shadow of Time-v4 at Byron Glacier

Ice Road Safari

#6 Ice Road Safari


David on Muffin Man

#7 Muffin Man