2015 Recap

2015 was an interesting year for development in AK.  David Funatake had a full time job limiting his availability, although he still got out developing just about every week, and I ended up getting outside 1/2 as much as I have over the previous 4 years.  Ian picked up the slack considerably, as did Will Crowther and so there was still a substantial amount of development in 2015.

The season kicked off in March with David taking me out to a new (to me at least) area along the Seward highway and some revisiting of a few short roped boulder problems along the Glenn Highway.  We haven’t posted anything since then, which is a bit unfortunate as it has been a very busy year.  We have been more active on Facebook, so so anyone who’s interested you should follow us there.  I’ll try to recap and add to what has been posted there.

Byron Glacier

Due to low snowpack, Byron glacier opened early in the season.  Quite a few people got out to Byron this year, and almost all of the hard lines have been repeated now.  Frog People, Falling Up, Smaug, Shere Khan, Dark of the Moon and many others all saw repeats this year.  At this point, the only hard unrepeated line I can think of out in Byron is Chasing Bliss.

In addition to the slew of repeats, some new problems went up as well.  Due to low snowpack a few boulders melted out that hadn’t been climbable in the last few years resulting in four new problems and a few more yet to be climbed along the creek.  In addition to these, a couple of new lines were added out at the Allspark Boulders as well, most notably a fine addition by David called Secret Asian Man – v5 (SANDBAG) which is a sit start to the left of Bearclaw near the left arete.

David on Secret Asian Man-v5

Hatcher Pass – Reed Lakes

In May, I headed up to Reed Lakes with an old friend to check out the talus below snowbird slab.  We found a nice new area with some potential for quite a few fantastic lines, and quite a few hard lines.  That day we climbed 2 new lines, but over the course of the summer over 20 new lines were cleaned and climbed from v0-v10, with Will Crowther putting up the new testpiece The Oral Beast-v10.  

Poetry in Motion – v8 unconfirmed

Hatcher Pass – Super Bowl

In May, June and July, Ian spearheaded the development of an area just south of the Diamond South Talus nicknamed the Super Bowl.  This is an incredible new area that I am amazed we’ve been missing for all of these years.  At last count over 60 new problems have been cleaned and climbed in this area from v0-v10.  The king line of the area is a line opened by Keenen during the Hatcher Boulder Fest called Distractingly Sexy

Keenen on Distractingly Sexy-v8

Hatcher Pass – Fairangel Valley

Fairangel Valley saw a variety of new exploration and development this year, as well as quite a bit of cleaning and new problems.  The Wonderland Talus saw some extensive cleaning and development by David, with an amazing looking new arete project cleaned and prepped.  A tall new wall was also cleaned and climbed resulting in 3 new highballs.

David on the FA of Christians in the Ghetto v5

In addition to the development in the Fairangel Talus, David also cleaned a few lines up in the Tunnel Vision Gulley.

David on the FA of The Motherlode v3

 Other Areas

I don’t know of any bouldering development up at Weiner or at any other major areas.  In April, I took a short trip to Homer with my wife and managed to knock out a few projects there in a quick session at the Anchor Point Boulder: Planet of the Apes-v9, Dark Star-v8, and Dark Matter v9/10.